Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Thoughts while Running

I have learned some things about running over the past few days!
#1: It's never a good idea to stuff your face with granola and drink a bottle of water and then head out for a 3 mi jaunt. Cramping will happen.

#2: Running in the evening is far more difficult than running first thing in the morning...c'mon summer!!!

#3: Faster songs make running easier. I never remember any of the songs I hear when running though...

#4: I hate getting out of my neighborhood. There is no way to avoid beginning on a hill.

#5: Beginning on a hill will make the rest of the run difficult.

#6: Running on flat ground is WAY easier than running up and downs hills.

#7: I need new shoes.

#8: Stress makes running more enjoyable :)

#9: This was not intended to be a running blog but that all I seem to blog about.

#10: I needed a #10 because I didn't like the idea of ending on 9.

3 miles today!

Happy Wednesday :)

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