Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Running in a Thunderstorm....not a good idea!

So while sitting at tutoring...I noticed it getting darker and darker but I hadn't packed clothes so going to the gym wasn't in my plans for the evening. I wanted to come home and get in a quick run for the Runner's World Challenge. I wasn't hoping for much mileage tonight since my body feels like it's a Monday and I never get in much on Monday's. I decided as  I was driving home that if it hadn't started raining by the time I got home then I would go to the municipal park and run there so my car would be close by. I got home and shoveled in some Love Grown granola, changed my clothes and headed over to the park. It was getting really dark at this point but hadn't started to rain yet. 1.5 times around is a mile so I was hoping to squeeze that in. I got about 3/4 of the way around and then the rain hit. At first, I thought I could do it but then it started raining really hard. It wasn't worth the risk of my iPhone getting ruined in the rain. I hopped in my car but was unsatisfied with the knowledge that I wasn't going to get in a full mile on the 2nd day of the challenge. I wasn't liking the idea of driving the rest of the way to gym, sprinting in there only to do another mile or so and then leave. Fortunately, a friend lives nearby and has a treadmill so...I sent her a text and she responded right away! I got to chat with her while running an additional mile on her treadmill which allowed me to get in 1.7 mi for the day. Not much but better than it would've been had I let the rain keep me inside!!! Happy Tuesday :)

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