Friday, May 18, 2012

Gorgeous Thursday

Yesterday's weather was AMAZING! I couldn't wait to get home from tutoring to get outside and run. And then I got outside and ran... The first 1.5 were torturous. My legs were sore. My breathing wasn't normal. I was getting stomach cramps. I nearly stopped. But I kept pushing through and by mile 3 I was at a comfortable steady 9:something pace. Not as fast as I was hoping but my goal changed from getting it done fast to just getting it done. I ended up with 5.5 miles in about 48 minutes. Not to bad but not my best by far.

I had to stop by my sister's to pick something up and ended up talking to her for a few minutes. She had made taco salad for dinner and it smelled wonderful. So when I got home (at 8.30) all I wanted was mexican. Unfortunately, we didn't have everything on hand for what I wanted. So off the hubby went to Weis. On his way back, he heard my tire hissing. We had found a nail in it on Sunday but we weren't too worried about it because it was it was plugging the hole that it had created. Apparently the nail fell out and now air was just leaking out of the tire. So I ended up on making dinner duty and hubby ended up putting on the spare. Looks like I will be replacing my tires this weekend (I have needed them since Oct....nothing like dragging your feet on spending $800). After all of that excitement, we ended up eating dinner at 9.15 :( and then going right to bed. Thankfully, I didn't add much carb to the taco salad I made so I went to bed feeling satisfied but not stuffed. Sadly for us, it isn't untypical to be eating dinner between 8.30-9.30 at night. This is definitely something I would like to work on. Especially this summer when I won't be rushing from work, to tutoring, to exercising!

Ended up being a much crazier night than I had expected but I am thankful that I was able to drive my car to work today and that the nail didn't pop out when I was driving it. Hoping this amazing weather continues so I can get in a better run!!!


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