Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Buffet Situations

Our PTA is wonderful. They have dinners for conference nights and a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon every year. My first year of teaching, I lived for these nights and this day!  So much not good for you! I would fill my plate up and then go back for seconds. Then the left-overs are in our faculty lounge for us to enjoy for the next few days for lunch. The desserts overflow the counters and having the sweet tooth that I do...I couldn't get enough and would even take some a lot back to my classroom with me.  In situations like this I have a lot of trouble controlling myself because the amount of calories is not directly stated so I can pretend like it's not much in my mind. 

With that being was our Teacher Appreciation luncheon. And now these situations stress me out a little a lot. 

I brought my own lunch with every intent of eating my standard. Whole Grain (low carb) wrap, hummus, Chobani and of course water :)! But in fear of appearing crazy in front of fellow staff members and parents, I opted to be smart with my choices at the luncheon.
Last year at this time I was limiting my calorie intake and so obsessed with what I was eating, I ate only fruit and veggies. Since I wasn't eating dinner at that time, I went to bed with a HORRIBLE headache that night. 

This year, I made better choices. I ate a little bit of roman noodle salad, caeser salad and then a helping  3 helpings of fuiji apple salad (minus the dressing). I bypassed the amazing desserts and ate a few (enough to give me a stomachache) mints. Everything I ate was delicious and I am pleased that I was able to control myself enough in this situation but not limit myself to fruits and veggies. I also now have a lunch prepared and already here for tomorrow!


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