Monday, May 28, 2012

Run, Run, Run!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! While we should be thankful for our service men and women everyday, it's especially important to think about and remember them on days like today! I hope everyone has something fun planned for today!!!

Here is an overview of a whirlwind of the past few days :)

Friday night was date night :) Tim took me out to celebrate my 26th birthday! We went to a local Irish restaurant for dinner then to a frozen yogurt place for dessert! I was super excited about the frozen yogurt because it was one of those places where you self serve then pay by weight at the end. This place is about 2 mins away from where I work and I didn't know anything about it until Thursday of course trying it on Friday was a must! On our way home we stopped by my brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law's house! I hadn't seen it yet and we hadn't met there new adorable puppy Remmy! We chatted with them for a while then made our way home to get to bed early to get up and get our exercise out of the way before the 90* temps hit!

I think I may be clearing out of the exercise rut! I gave myself a wonderful birthday gift on best 6 mi time ever! 44:30 with a 7:13 min/mile pace! I have no idea where that speed came from but it definitely rejuvenated my love for exercise! Saturday was a great birthday :) After the run, I came home and showered then took a dress to be altered for the wedding I am in on June 9th! I got yelled at by the seamstress for ordering the wrong size (didn't order the wrong size just have lost weight since Jan when I ordered it!!!) I was treated to lunch by my sister and Mom then enjoyed a delicious chocolate lava cake for dessert courtesy of the best sister ever :)! After lunch, I headed to the Bride-to-Be's house to kick off her bachelorette celebration! We then headed into the city for the O's game (they lost :( ), dinner and a night of dancing at Power Plant Live! She had a great time and was definitely deserving of the fun night out! Can't wait for her wedding in 2 weeks!!!

The Bachelorette and I

These two weirdo's were there as well!

Yesterday morning, I got up and showered and headed off to NJ for the day to celebrate my cousin's amazing accomplishment! We offically have a lawyer in our family! Yay, Matt!!! It was a long day in the car and I was far too exhausted by the time we got home to do anything. We set out on a walk with Libby (who definitely needed it after being in the house all day) only to be greeted by a back into the house we went! We enjoyed what is quite possibly the most amazing thing I have found in a while...Ben and Jerry's frozen GREEK YOGURT! It was to die for! I tried the Blueberry Graham and Tim tried the Strawberry Shortcake. Both were absolutely amazing! I am defintely looking forward to trying Raspberry Fudge and Peanut Butter Banana!!! I was exhausted from the night before and the long day in the car so we watched a bit of TV and went to bed early!

I popped out of bed this morning, eager to begin the Runners World challenge! Run at least 1 mile a day every day from Memorial Day to the 4th of July! I did a 4 mi run this morning to try and beat the heat. The humidity definitely slowed me down though! Hoping that that's not an omen for the rest of the summer! I can't believe how hot and humid it is already! I am excited about the Runner World challenge and about finally having some motivation to get out and do something every day! I will hold myself accountable by writing about it on here! I think I'm all caught up on the excitement of the past few days :)  Tim and I may be going to a running store today to get my fitted shoes (my birthday gift from him). But for now, I'm off to enjoy my Memorial Day and a day off work :)! 9 more days of school...not that I'm counting or anything ;)!

Happy Memorial Day!


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