Thursday, June 14, 2012

What happened to Me?

I started this blog out so ready to go and I did great the first few weeks...then life happened. The end of school, one of my best friend's wedding, waiting for my sister to pop, etc. etc. But I'm back! With nothing but time on my hands. Aside from an online grad class and 6 hours of tutoring a week, I have no commitments and I couldn't be happier! Hubby and I have actually eaten dinner together every night this week at a time that is appropriate to eat dinner! The weather has been so amazing that we ate on the deck the past two nights and tonight we even got in a walk with our cute, lovebug Libby after dinner :) Life in the summer is grand! I have plenty of time for exercise now and I am super happy about that. I am running my first 10 miler on Sat (assuming Baby T doesn't make his/her grand appearance @ the time of the race)! I am super nervous but super excited at the same time! I tried to take it easy this week but I am nervous because my running the last week of school was lame because I was so busy and preoccupied! Wish me luck on Saturday! I will be sure to give a post-race report :)! Scroll for pics from the wedding and the last day of school :)

We clean up well ;)

We got a workout trying to avoid being photo bombed!

Groom Stalkers ;)

Love working with these women! It is mandatory to take a picture of the team in this spot on the last day...I wonder whose crazy need that is ;)

And I will leave you with this pic to sum up the amount of fun I had at the wedding :)

Life has been good but hectic and I am glad to be able to spend more time dedicating myself to my blog and my various other goals! Happy Summer!


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  1. This post would be better if there was a picture of a man wearing heels and mini skirt ;)