Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Days :)

Today I got out of bed to 65*, breezy weather! Woohoo! Ran 3.5 miles in a little under 30 minutes not very fast but I was definitely enjoying the weather! I came home and dined on a Kashi Peanut bar, drank some coffee then headed up to sister's! I enjoyed the day staring at my nephew and being the most wonderful Aunt I know how to be :)! Went to the grocery store and stocked up on some Kashi cereal, Kashi bars and various things to try and make some green smoothies. Very mixed emotions regarding these green smoothies...I just don't know how I'm not going to be able to taste the spinach. But I'll give a go. I used it as an excuse to buy myself one of those plastic cups with a straw :) Came home from there and walked with my next door neighbor. We think we did a 3.5 mile walk around the neighborhood while enjoying this amazing weather! I love getting in exercise while enjoying myself! Trying pizza on the grill for dinner tonight. I bought a whole wheat pizza crust from the grocery store, layered it with diced tomatoes mixed with green pepper and onion and mozzarella cheese! Definitely looking forward to seeing how this turns out :) Sweet potato fries on the side. Yum! Off to enjoy that fun now!!!


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