Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In a Rut

Ugh! That is how I have been feeling for the past two weeks about eating and exercising! All I want to eat is Mexican food. Not sure what that is all about. Last night, hubby grilled chicken sausages and asparagus and just as it came in the house, I decided to make my new favorite taco salad. It was ALL I could think about!!! I have been mixing black beans, mexican blend cheese, fresh salsa and a handful of multigrain tostitos together, dropping a dap of sour cream on top and throwing it in the microwave. It tastes delicious but isn't very interesting. I feel like I could eat the same things all day every day! And for the most part I do. I eat a Cliff Bar for breakfast, some sort of granola around 9.00 (Love Grown is my new favorite), a whole wheat wrap that I dip in hummus and Chobani for lunch and apples and peanut butter around 4.00. Dinner is the only thing that changes day to day and now I am trying to make that consistent. I go through phases like this and then I will like something new and eat that every day for awhile. I would have to say that by nature, I am definitely a routine driven person so it's not surprising that I like the structure of eating the same things all of the time. I also think I fell into this habit when I was restricting my calories. It's a lot easier to count calories from day to day if you are just eating the same things. I no longer pay that close attention to that and don't even measure out the hummus or peanut butter. I just estimate what 2 tbsp. looks like. This is a huge feat for me and one that I am proud of myself for!!!

As far as exercise goes, I have not been in the mood for it. I am still exercising almost every day but it's something that I have been dreading recently. I am hoping that when school is out and I have more time and energy I will get back into the swing of it. I really wish that I could be someone who exercised in the morning but I have enough trouble getting out of bed to get ready for work. I can't imagine getting up at 5.30 to exercise before needing to start getting ready at 6.00. I definitely think some of my recent issues have been that I am tired of working out alone. A goal that I have this summer is to start trying some of the classes at the gym. Right now the times of those don't work with my tutoring schedule so I am hoping to attend some day classes once school is out for summer! Any suggestions on spicing up my workouts in the mean time??

Hoping to out of this rut soon and back into my usual exercise loving self :)! I am also hoping to find more things to post about more frequently (I think the lack of posting was part of this eating and exercise rut)!!! Happy Wednesday!



  1. Now I'm craving taco salad and a margarita in the worst way...and it's 9:50AM :)

  2. I haven't felt like exercising this week either and have been craving junk. Today I made myself workout after school and felt much better, mentally and physically:)